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Based in Emporia VA, Franklin Braid Manufacturing supplies braided products, narrow fabrics, and fabric trim to various industries—including the apparel, bag, home furnishings, medical, outdoor and industrial markets. Our reliable, quality products include flat braids, braided cords, ropes, knitted cords and tipped draw cords. As a leading manufacturer of these braided products, we are dedicated to many more years of providing exceptional quality products while meeting our customers’ needs with the same customer service you’ve come to know and trust. Explore our product offerings and place an order today.

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Woven Cord in Emporia, VA | Franklin Braid Manufacturing

Woven Cord

Woven cords are stronger than the equivalent weight of braided cord. Less fraying when cut than a traditional cord and lower elongation. These cords are a great option for Outdoor, Agriculture, Laundry Bags, Awnings, and all-purpose cords

The Polyester woven cords have excellent resistance to mildew, abrasion, UV, and aging. Polyester cords have lower stretch than nylon cords.

Para Cord in Emporia, VA

Para Cord

When you require paracord we think of the most commonly used “Paracord Type III”, which is also called 550 Paracord with a tensile strength of 550 lbs. We manufacture the Military Specification (MIL-C-5040 Type III) and commercial grade 550 paracord. This cord is made with a nylon cover and a seven-strand core. The 550 paracord is used for camping, survival kits, and a general all-purpose cord. Other sizes of para cord are available and used for accessory cord: 275, 325, and 425 para cord. These products can be offered on spools, coils, plastic-tipped ends, and melted ends.

If you require a different size or reflective tracer there are many options to suit your needs. Please contact us directly at
434-634-4142 or use our form.

Cotton Cord in Emporia, VA

Cotton Products

Our cotton cords are designed to be soft and pliable and not recommended for high-strength applications. There are many assorted sizes of round cord and several widths of flat tubular braid. Colors available are Natural, White, Black, and dyed to match colors (these are fast-dyed but should be tested for your usage). We can offer spools, cold cut ends, and plastic-tipped ends. These products are ideal for Drawstrings in several Industries such as Apparel and Bag.

We are constantly adding products to each line and another cotton product we offer is our cotton tie line (trick line) for the theatrical and film industry. This cotton cord is manufactured with a cotton cover and synthetic core, to give it strength and low stretch.

Polyester Cord in Emporia, VA

Polyester Cord

We manufacture cord and rope made of textured polyester, spun polyester, and filament polyester. Our filament polyester with synthetic core diamond braid is one of our most popular lines. Filament polyester has some of the same qualities as nylon but with less stretch.

Polyester cords offer great abrasion and UV resistance which make them excellent applications for Agriculture, Fishing, Boating, Awnings, and general all-purpose cords.

Nylon Cord in Emporia, VA

Nylon Cord

We manufacture Braid, Rope, and Cords of textured nylon and filament nylon in many different constructions. Filament nylon cord is durable and strong, has excellent abrasion, great mildew resistance, resistance to aging, and stretches more than polyester to absorb shock.

Our diamond braid has a filament nylon cover and synthetic core. These cords are great for Starter cord, Awning cord, Canopy lacing, Tent lines, Outdoor, Marine, Agriculture, and many other all-purpose cords.

Commercial Fishing Crabbing Rope in Emporia, VA

Commercial Fishing & Crabbing Rope

Our Franklin Crab Pot Rope is made using 100% tire cord yarns with a center parallel core. This solid braided rope is a heavy-duty, durable, sinking rope and is primarily used for Crab Fishing. Can be used for other Marine applications, Agriculture, and Multipurpose utility cords.

Packing Put Ups in Emporia, VA

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