Ordering Information


Dye Types

Specify the color and type of dyeing required.  We offer many types  including package dying, piece dyeing and spun (solution) dyeing.

Dyed products should be tested for fastness before being used in your products.


We have a finishing machine and can apply sizing and other finishes as required.   Samples can be furnished for your evaluation.

Minimum Order

$250 merchandise value for all stock items.  Made to order items require a much higher minimum.


All claims must be submitted within thirty days.  No merchandise is returnable without our written authorization.  Our responsibility is limited to the value of our product, for credit or replacement, at our option, when combined with or attached to another material or product.  No material may be returned if cut, treated or altered in any way.


A satisfactory credit report is required to establish an open account.  We accept Visa, MasterCard and Discover or will be glad to ship you on a COD or "check in advance" basis.  Open account terms of sale NET 30 DAYS; FOB Emporia with no freight allowed.